Cruise ship bound for Melbourne has one death and dozens sick aboard

It’s never pleasant to be sick on board a cruise, but it seems to be happening more and more frequently.

It’s never pleasant to be sick on board a cruise, but it seems to be happening more and more frequently. And just today, there’s another cruise ship headed for Melbourne with ill passengers waiting to get off.

On top of that, the Herald Sun reports there was a death from natural causes on the Golden Princess South Pacific Cruise – sad news.

Passengers on the Princess Cruise ship were struck down with the stomach bug after it left its dock last week however the cruise line could not confirm how people on board had become sick.

It is also understand an elderly man died of natural causes.

Ray McNamara told the Herald Sun his wife, Kerry, her cousin and friend were on board the ship.

“There had been a large case of sea sickness first off and then a really bad case of gastro,” he said.

“On top of that there was then a case of influenza.

“She said most people have copped the lot. It has spread right through the ship, especially the gastro and the flu.”

The ship, which has visited Vanuatu’s islands and New Caledonia, left Melbourne for the cruise on March 8 and is expected to dock again on Tuesday.

Fares for the 14-day cruise can cost as little as $1900 per person.

Princess Cruises spokesman David Jones said “strenuous” sanitation measures are in place to stop illness from spreading, such as workers dishing out food in buffets and more cleaning.

“The number of cases (of gastro) has been a bit higher than we would like,” Mr Jones told News Corp.

“We have a competent medical team on-board and they’ve dealt with it effectively and expertly.

“Because it is on a ship, we are very vigilant about illness and it only takes a small increase to what would be expected for more intense sanitation levels to be employed”.

This cruise full of sick passengers is just one of many this year that have had the same issue.

Tell us: do you think the passengers are to blame for sickness on a cruise? Or the staff?

  1. Barbara  

    Going on the Diamond Princess in 3 weeks…..Oh I hope this doesn’t happen.

    • We went on Diamond Princess to New Zealand two years ago over Christmas and loved it. The only thing we didn’t like was the crappy Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas staff everywhere.

    • We went on Diamond Princess to New Zealand two years ago over Christmas and loved it. The only thing we didn’t like was the crappy Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas staff everywhere.

    • Lee  

      Barbara if you read all these reviews and do as recommended you will be fine it is the people a lot who are total grubs ( men and women ).
      We have done over 20 cruises and never had a gastro problem. Other than a cold.
      I agree with all these comments it is people not the ships staff all of who do a wonderful job, to keep us all safe and bug free.
      I give full credit to all the Shipping Companies.

    • Yasmin  

      I have been on one and going on again, if you are not well before you go and not feeling well don’t go ,as simple as that then you are not putting every one else at risk of getting sick,all so people that don’t wash their hands before eating or after they have been to the bath room they need a kick in the as——-

    • Terrie Mildren  

      Loved the Diamond Princess although my husband got gastro for a couple of days. Staff go to extreme measures to make sue hands are clean but some ignorant people try to avoid the system. Witnessed one man arguing with crew member before going in to Horizons that he had already washed his hands and was refusing to do I again.Still believe this is the best and least expensive way to travel.

    • Colin  

      Barbara I was on the Diamond Princess a couple of months ago, 150 came down with the Naro Virus, I will give you a tip stay away from the buffet, have your breakfast lunch & dinner in the dining room, if you have to use the buffet only have fruit & cake, have a good trip it’s a nice ship

    • Ellie  

      Went on Dawn Princess two Christmas back and nearly died. Cabin had a bug in it and there were heaps more like me. Fumigation of the air conditioning system doesn’t happen for there is not enough turn around time to do so. My Dr said to me, oh you went on the death ship!

    • Janet McLarin  

      .Barbara you will love this ship. Every effort taken regarding hygiene. Keep up your fluids. There are at least 8 bars for you to refuel. Try a Dirty Banana cocktail (or purchase a beverage card and try least 5 cocktails a day) Getting the flu ? Drown the buggar ! Have fun.

  2. David  

    Going to NZ on Tuesday 22 March hope it’s all OK

  3. Barbara  

    Washing hands before all meals. I have observed many just walk into the dining areas and ignore the sanitisation gel. My husband has observed men not washing heir hands after visiting the toilet and then walking into the dining areas.

    • Marion davis  

      There should be cameras in the washing hands area -it’s ridiculous how some
      men think it’s macho not to wash their hands . A sign could be erected ( like a speeding sign) reminding them to go back and wash them or a siren could go off and embarrass them !

    • Not washing your hands after visiting the toilet is a total turn off! It is unfortunate that not everyone comes up to your own hygiene standards, but on a cruise ship i.e. you’re thrown together with all types of people and therefore it would be quite easy for an outbreak of any unpleasant sort.

  4. Yes it is people getting on already sick them again gastro Food handled badly lack of hygiene laziness . No washing of hands etc.

  5. Veronica oleary  

    Yes it is tge passengers fault you only need 1 orv2 to get on already sick, also lack of personal hygeine

  6. Kay Rudd  

    I have been on 7 cruises and I just love them all . I am always making sure my hygiene is spot on I carry a santizer hand gel in my pocket or purse . Even though many outlets have hand sanitisers but I have seen many people refuse to use them . This is not the staff causing this it’s the selfiness of other people . I and never use the lifts or use hand rail if not needed . I lad don’t use the spas or swimming pools as many people don’t shower before they enter the water . I have the most respect for all the staff on the boat .

  7. Susan Raison  

    I believe the passengers are to blame.
    My husband and I were on a charter theme cruise from Sydney to the Pacific Islands last year when there was an outbreak of Noro Virus, or gastro to you and I, and even some of the entertainers were ill.
    The cruise was aimed at an older demographic and unfortunately we noticed that some had very poor hygiene habits and then would attend the self serve buffet handling the serving utensils.
    The staff were fantastic and worked 24 hours a day cleaning and wiping surfaces but there were still people who complained that it was such an inconvenience and they didn’t think they needed to use the antibacterial hand wash when they entered any of the food areas.
    Also everyone has to sign a health declaration before boarding, but at breakfast on the very first morning there was a lady on the next table that had laryngitis and an obvious cold and I overheard her tell some other ladies that she had been unwell for a week, so what chance have you got!
    My husband and I are booked on two more cruises later this year and we take our own hand wash and wipes, don’t eat in the buffet (which isn’t any great loss) and are very conscious of touching handrails or other surfaces.
    Unfortunately it has come to that, but so far we’ve been able to enjoy our cruises without being sick and confined to our cabin.

    • Kaygeeay  

      I do lots of port transfers & I am amazed at just how many people seem to be not in the best of health (colds, coughs etc.) before going on the cruise. It seems that the attitude is :- “I booked this months ago & I’m not going to miss out for anything”. I am always very wary about those people returning with a more severe condition (which is often the case) or something they picked up on board.

  8. Sue  

    My friend and I have been on 6 cruises all with Princess, and yes it’s lack of hand sanitizing that causes half this problem. On the last one the Northern Explorer Cruise in September my friend and I sanitized our hands and EVERY time we went back in/out of the buffet we continued to do it again. I picked one lady up who walked back into the buffet and didn’t sanitize her hands and her comment was I’ve done it once, when I came in. Well how many do the same thing and then others who do the right thing EVERY time get the bug from those that don’t. It takes about 10 seconds to sanitize each time not much out of a 14 day or so cruise. Staff are not to blame it’s selfish people that either go on with a bug and don’t report it (they will be isolated and don’t loose their money) or those that refuse to foloow a simple rule. I also take my own hand sanitizer everywhere even off shore.

  9. Laurie Lynch  

    My wife and I have cruised many times and we have observed much of the above I always say it’s caused by dirty people not a dirty ship they are spotless and the crew do everything in their power to prevent illness but if the passengers don’t play their part it’s a losing battle

  10. Robena  

    Totally agree, its the passengers to blame not the hard working crew, some people are pigs and just dont care 🙂

  11. Cheryl Rickards  

    Definetly the passengers. Those who refuse to wash and dry hands properly after the bathroom. My husband said many men just walk off without washing their hands.

  12. Rita  

    I have done Princess Cruises and believe people do not speak up as soon as they feel unwell,also feel would be safer if buffet meals were served by staff,not guests onboard.

    • Carolyn Brown  

      We have been thinking of doing our first cruise , however , this is not helping the decision process . I regularly notice women who don’t wash their hands coming out of the toilets , some run water but don’t put the hands under . It is scary . My h

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