Australia Post may soon stop providing a crucial service

It’s a vital service for travellers but soon Australia Post mightn’t offer it. Australians have become used to renewing and

It’s a vital service for travellers but soon Australia Post mightn’t offer it.

Australians have become used to renewing and applying for a passport from the local post office but Australia Post’s contract with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to supply passport application lodgement services is due to expire at the end of June 2017. There is no guarantee the arrangement will be continued, reports Adelaide Now.

Those who don’t live near a city could be forced to travel long distances for interviews in an overhaul of the passport application system.

Rather than the amount of passports going down, passport applications by Australians are set to skyrocket from 1.8 million in 2014-15 to 3 million by 2019.

Instead of going to AusPost, there’s talk of online applications, though they do pose a security risk.


DFAT has indicated it is possible that several companies will be contracted to provide passport application services nationally or in different regions across Australia, which makes us wonder if there’ll be an increased cost for this.



  1. Dianne  

    At least once a week. We do our banking through Australia post, because we have no banks nor an ATM in our town.

  2. Michael Leitch  

    Another government money saver at our expense

  3. Wiso  

    For goodness sake stop changing things just for the sake of change !! The service provided by Australia Post to renew passports works just fine as it is, so why the need to stop it. They are complaining that revenue is falling for Australia Post so why consider reducing the services provided. Surely it is another line of revenue for them from the Passports Office. I use my local post office at least once a week.

  4. As usual no thought about country people, we just don’t matter to the governments, though I wonder who they think produces the food they eat.

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Good on-line would be better, they can still check all the credentials. Or find someone else to handle them for older persons who don’t use a computer.

    I DON’T USE THE POST OFFICE AT ALL. I send all my cards, etc. by email.

  6. Di  

    New Zealand passports can be renewed on line – its really easy and fuss free – you can even take your own photo which is uploaded with the application. And a new passport application doesn’t require an interview; I had to change my name so couldn’t renew it online, but it took only about 10 days from the time it was posted until I got the new one. I also received an email to say they d received the application, and another one to say it had been completed and was being posted.
    On the other hand, getting my Australian passport in my new name required a trip to the post office and about 3 weeks before I got it.

  7. Vanessa  

    I send cards and letters to people over surface. Passport application access is needed in rural communities. I love the knick knacks and books offered in the local offices. My first local office is always BUSY.

  8. Simon Watts  

    Given a passport is a very significant form of identification I don’t think it’s unwise to ask people to present to an office and be verified by an officer in person.

    I actually completed my passport application online and then dropped in to be identified. It was very easy already don’t see why the need to change anything. Already pretty straight forward.

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