The exorbitent cost to be worn on a plebiscite this year on same sex marriage 17



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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that a same sex marriage plebiscite could go ahead this year.  In an interview on Sky TV this morning, Mr Turnbull said that the plebiscite will take place as soon as practicable after the election.  And his position stands opposite Bill Shorten’s who thinks same sex marriage should simply be introduced quickly, saving the country hundreds of millions.

“Whether that happens before the end of the year obviously depends on when the election is and at this stage we don’t know that,” Turnbull told Sky News this morning.

 Mr Turnbull maintains that an election is likely to go forth as a double dissolution on the 2nd July and if so, then the plebiscite would be possible in 2016.
In contrast, Labour has said that they will simply legalise same sex marriage no matter what, within 100 days of being elected.

A plebiscite is set to cost taxpayers in the league of $300-500 million dollars and according the the Australian Electoral Commission, it will take 29 weeks to prepare for it.

Do you think a plebiscite is a sensible option… Want to share how you’d vote?


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. What a waste of money. Just legalise same sex marriage. It should have been legalised years ago

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  2. Need to go to a vote, even though I support same sex marriage I do think everyone needs to have a vote on it . That way when implemented will have lot of support and no question that it’s what most people want ,game over.

  3. What a ridiculous waste of money. we dont have money to throw around. I agree with Bill Shorten, just BRING it in. There are only a few small minded people out there that dont want it

  4. Why dont they run it the same time as the election?

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    • Yes, can anyone tell us why they don’t seem to want to do this???

  5. Murray , has the right answer. July or November when ever M.T. calls the election

  6. I, like a lot of other people are concerned as to whom is paying for Tony Abbott to tour the world no doubt the tax payers so how can M.T. cut back on tax when he allows this to happen??Another reason possibly why health and education are suffering funding cuts.

  7. The so-called “Christian”, right wing fundamentalists who helped put Turnbull in office are demanding their homophobic pound of flesh, no matter what it costs the tax payer. If they insist on an individual vote, then have an extra box on the upcoming parliamentary vote. I think the homophobes will be amazed how out of touch they are with the majority of Australians. A plebicite will be visceral, divisive and turn millions of Australians away from churches. There is no love at all in these fundamentalists, not the loving Christian God I know.

  8. What an absolutely ridiculous waste of money when dear Mal says we have to tighten our belts. That money could go to our hospitals. He can’t pass the gay marriage act because of the homophobic fogies in the liberal party. He’s just a mouthpiece for them. Instead of standing up and being the man we all thought he was before he kicked Tony out. He was all talk before Tony was kicked out and as soon as he took over the mouthpiece changed. I’ve totally list all respect for him and all those politicians. Instead of a plebicite, why can’t a paper be added with the election. Would go nowhere near the cost of a plebicite. Just type up a page with Yes or NO on it and print them off. Come on Mal show us the man you were before you took Tony’s place

  9. There are plenty of people being intimidated by aggressive supporters of marriage destruction (which is what this really is). These people should be allowed to contribute and VOTE without being heckled for their beliefs.

  10. Why do we need to vote to reverse a piece of legislation that the liberal government changed without public consultation in 2004. The marriage act was silent on gender up until that point. The UN convention on human rights states that men and women have a right to enter into marriage freely- nothing about who with. We should not be voting on whether Australia should continue to breach fundamental human rights. We are the only country in the free world that continues to do so, and the Tutnball government is using the issue as a ‘look over there’ tactic for political distraction. Just amend the one piece of legislation already!

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    • Thank goodness someone else has noticed

  11. Pedro, the distraction of marriage is Divorce – not marriage equality. What an odd view? What has any body else’s love got to do with you? love is love and here’s hoping you find more in your life to help improve your outlook!

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    • Distruction^

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      • How wonderful that you accept the differing views of others Michelle. Here’s hoping you can accept that not all agree on this subject. Hope you get better soon.

  12. HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars to confirm something already enshrined in anti-discrimination laws!!! Maybe Turnbull could take some of his $$ hidden in the Cayman Islands or SACK Abbott to save money too!!

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