Joyce called a "grub" for sacrificing privacy around paternity concern

Australian Backbencher Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce is feeling the wrath of the internet this evening following his remarks that his girlfriend’s baby may not be his own.  He’s been called a “grub” and many other names, with people accusing him of throwing his girlfriend under the bus to try to make the media look bad in claiming they failed to “fact check”. 

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One remark stands out among the firestorm.  Former member for New England Tony Windsor has tweeted his true feelings about Barnaby Joyce’s revelation.

“If anyone had doubts about Joyce’s character I think they now have a clear picture of this grub, will sacrifice others on his blundering self centred path.  How many women does he have to damage”


The Backbencher, and former Prime Minister has resigned from cabinet, and today claimed that he was never asked if he was the father of his former staffer’s unborn child suggesting the baby’s paternity is uncertain.

“How could they know?” Joyce told Fairfax media. “They never even asked if it was Joyce’s bundle.”

In an interview with Fairfax, the politician said the baby, due in April would be raised as “mine” but conceded the identity of the biological father was “a grey area”.

Joyce resigned from his role as the leader of the National Party and as the country’s deputy prime minister last Monday after a West Australian woman accused him of sexual misconduct. Barnaby quickly called the accusations–printed in an ABC report– “spurious and defamatory”, vehemently denying that such events took place. 


Twitter 4th March 2018

The backbencher claims journalists at the Daily Telegraph did not fact check their claims of paternity for Vikki Campion’s baby against his travel diary, and indicated he was travelling around the time of conception, raising concern. 

Twitter 4th March 2018

The internet is getting very angry with Barnaby Joyce for his latest remarks. 

Do you think he should be commenting on the child’s paternity in public?