John Kennerley looking chipper Christmas Eve as firemen carry him

Kerrianne Kennerley (KAK) has posted a lovely picture of husband John, looking merry and bright on Christmas day, surrounded by Firemen who helped him move his wheelchair for an outing at a friends house on Christmas eve.
It is lovely view into their changed world that was turned upside down two years ago when John fell whilst on a golfing trip in Coffs Harbour. The pair are more regularly attending events and showcasing their appearances on social media to the delight of the country who have watched them endure this terrible tragedy.


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The firemen stepped in at Kerrianne’s request to help the couple navigate getting John’s chair into a party, when a close friend announced that Christmas Eve celebrations would be taking place at their house this year.

“My best girlfriend Elizabeth does Christmas Eve for 30 people and we’re all going,” she told Channel 9 earlier this week. “We were almost not going because she has four steps which means you need a six metre ramp for John’s chair.”

“Then I thought, we have Woollahra fire station literally behind us so yesterday I went to visit them, and they could not have been more fabulous.”

“I said, ‘I need a fireman to lift John’s wheelchair up four stairs a block a way on Christmas Eve at about 7pm, and then help carrying him down the stairs at approximately 10.30.’ He said, ‘Absolutely, we do these things for the community. Anytime 24/7 you need help with John we’re always here.”

She added: “They’ve always been good blokes.”