Aussie canned food recalled due to safety hazard

Have you recently purchased tinned tomatoes from a major supermarket? You may want to check your pantry for peace of mind.

Have you recently purchased tinned tomatoes from a major supermarket? You may want to check your pantry for peace of mind.

SPC Ardmona has announced a recall of one of its batches of canned tomato after learning “potential issues with packaging” that could cause increased pressure in the can, and the risk of injury on opening.

Customers have been asked to check their cans for the product code TOM W/P 428580 007CM. If you find this code, please dispose of the can and call SPC on 1800 805 168 for a full refund.
This comes as a huge blow for SPC Ardmona, a company that has been through several turbulent years.

Their new cannery at Shepparton recently reopened after an investment from the Victorian Government, saving more than 2000 jobs at risk.

The company has been lobbying strongly to keep the local tinned tomato industry alive. In recent years, their complaints against the “dumping” practices of Italian importers led to a government crackdown, ultimately bringing much-needed support to local farmers.

How do you feel about product recalls like this? Do they shake your confidence in the brand, or are you happy to continue supporting Australian-grown canned tomatoes? 

  1. Elizabeth Gardner  

    I will not buy anything else but Australian Tomatoes. I do not see any reason to invest in overseas canners when we have our own . Our food here has a better health standard. So regardless of the problems associated with this can at the moment it will stop me from buying it anyway.

  2. cee  

    Any company that pays for halal certification for its products is permanently OFF my shopping list whether it is an Australian company or not… Unfortunately for spc they choose to pay…. So bring on the cheap Italian canned tomatoes..

  3. Robyn  

    I brought my daughter up with the saying … Buy Tasmanian (in other words local produce), if you can’t then buy Australian and if you can’t … Think twice about buying it!

  4. Helen Holmes  

    Issuing a recall shows that the company cares more about their customers than their own profit. Would a Chinese canner issue a recall – I doubt it. On the halal comment – if you are not going to buy halal-certified food then you need to stop buying petrol because most of the profits ultimately go to Saudi Arabis, which is the number one funder of DAESH.

  5. Alex  

    I’ll continue to buy Ardmona because they’re Aussie grown tomatoes and I agree with the comment that a recall shows that they’re a company that has standards to comply with.

  6. Jan Purcell  

    we are told to buy Australian, yet this is the 2nd Australian product that has some thing wrong with it

  7. Lesley burnett  

    Buy Australian At least the recall is safety for all of us if you buy imported you never ever know how or where it has been grown

  8. leanne  

    I bought a can to support Australian goods and had it explode on opening. No, I won’t take that risk again.

  9. Gay O'Connor  

    Always buy Australia. Cheap imports take away our farmers’ livelihoods.

  10. I opened small tin of Ardmona tomatoes tonight. No problems.

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