Todays criminals tarnishing Australia's reputation as a lucky country

Something is happening in Australia and it's got people worried.

“… anarchy, civil disobedience and corruption…”

Something that is very concerning is happening throughout Australia but particularly in Victoria and it seems the police are unable to stop it. It is a very real threat and with each incident law abiding citizens are left in fear of their safety and in some cases their lives. Homes are being invaded, cars are being hijacked, public property vandalised, and people are being violently assaulted.

The increasing incidence of crime involving gangs of youths from Sudan and other African and Middle Eastern nations has sparked much debate. Questions are being asked and strong opinions are being voiced condemning the perpetrators and seeking answers of government and authorities. Many are calling for laws to be changed.

There is nothing wrong with the laws upon which our society is based. The problem lies in interpretation of those laws and in how the judiciary chooses to impose penalty when the law is broken. Far too often political correctness becomes a consideration when passing judgement.

The laws governing immigration and the issue of refugees do need to change to protect Australia. Unfortunately, we may have left the gate ajar for too long because when the horse bolted the gates opened wide for a flood of humanity from war torn, politically corrupt and poverty-stricken countries to seek refuge here. All very well if they choose to live by our laws and to integrate into our way of life. Sadly, it seems that an element of anarchy, civil disobedience and corruption has been allowed into Australia. It could be said that we are now reaping what we have sown.

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These gangs thumb their noses at the police and public by brazenly tagging their criminal acts. According to media reports a new gang calling themselves MTS (Menace to Society) has emerged and, along with APEX gang members, has started a campaign of terror and violence in Melbourne city and suburbs.

This must stop. It is time for zero tolerance. Community leaders from these ethnic groups must stand up and help the police and indeed governments to rid our country of this scourge. Police must be given power to deal with these criminals with whatever is necessary, and the courts must respond with penalties that see convicted offenders banished from our country.

What do you think about Australia’s laws governing immigration and refugees and how they are interpreted in courts? Do you have concerns about the society you live in? Share your thoughts with us.

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