Your next cruise's essential: duct tape

Packing for a cruise is general a difficult task. However, if there was one thing that you absolutely should pack on a cruise, it wouldn’t be clothes, or shoes, or even medicines…It would be a roll of duct tape, believe it or not! Here are some reasons why this trusty role of stickiness will be your best friend on a cruise:

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  • Should you forget to bring your lint roller along with you, duct tape will work wonders as a replacement. With the sticky side up, wrap a round on your hand, and gently dab at clothes to remove hair, lint and other particles.
  • While wandering around during your sightseeing adventures, there’s a chance that your sandals might break, or the hem of your trousers, dress or blazer unravels, duct tape will work in a pinch. You can also make your slippers waterproof by covering the bottom by layers of duct tape.
  • Another surprising benefit of duct tape is its ability to heal blisters. Now, it works best if applied before blisters form, but if you’re too late, place a small piece of paper or tissue over the wound and then cover with duct tape, until you can get to bandages or antibiotic cream.
  • Duct tape also is a great substitute for a luggage tag, and a good all-round bag identifier. There’s multicoloured tape available that makes it easy to locate your bag in the sea of other bags.
  • On the topic of bags, should you need to repair yours for the nicks and scratches that are a part and parcel of travel, just tape over it with some neutral duct tape.

Tell us: What other uses of duct tape do you know of? Are there any other essential cruise travel items?