Worthy of heaven

Joe is at the Pearly Gates waiting to be admitted while St Peter is leafing through his files to see if Joe is worthy of entry.

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“Joe,” says St Peter, “I can’t see that you’ve done anything really bad in your life but I can’t see that you’ve done anything really good that would qualify you for Heaven. Can you tell me ANY good deed you’ve ever done?”

Joe thinks for a moment and says, “Sure. I was driving through a bad part of town when I saw about 50 biker guys assaulting this poor girl. I slammed on my brakes, grabbed a tyre iron, and walked up to this big guy who seemed to be the leader. All these guys let the girl run away and they formed a circle around me to see what I was going to do. I laid that tyre iron right across his head and he dropped like a stone. Then I turned and yelled to the rest of them ‘If I ever see you guys around this town again, I’ll give you a real lesson in pain’.”

“Wow,” says St. Peter, “I guess you really do qualify for Heaven. Tell me, when did this happen?”

“Oh”, says Joe, “about two minutes ago.”

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