The vicar and his horse


An old vicar was retiring and selling his horse so he put an ad in the local newspaper. It wasn’t long before it was bought by Bob who decided to ride it home, but when he mounted up, the horse wouldn’t move.

“I trained this horse from a little foal,” said the vicar. “He only moves when you say Jesus Christ and stops when you say Amen.”

Bob thanks the vicar and sure enough when he said Jesus Christ, the horse set off. 

On the way home they were caught in a ferocious thunderstorm and the horse bolted when there was a particularly loud crack of thunder.

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By the time Bob had recovered his wits, the horse was galloping madly through the countryside and it took him a moment or two to remember to say Amen.

Immediately the horse came to a standstill, teetering right on the edge of a deep canyon.

“Jesus Christ,” Bob said.

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