The special red jacket

The regiment had travelled further into the mountains than anyone had ever gone before. On the third day, they were confronted by a small group of savages.

“Take cover,” yelled he colonel. “And get me my red jacket.”

It was only a small skirmish and the hunters quickly saw off the retreating savages.

A few days later, they were confronted by a larger band of savages and again the colonel shouted, “Okay men, shoot at will and can someone get me my red jacket.”

The soldiers fought bravely and were finally victorious, sustaining only two minor injuries.

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That night round the campfire, they talked over the week’s events.

“Thanks to our leader, we’ve defeated the enemy every time. It won’t be long before we reach our destination and we’ll be famous.”

“Here’s to the colonel!” and they drank a celebratory toast.

“By the way, sir, just out of interest, why do you always ask for your red jacket as we go into battle?”

The colonels replied, “If I wear the red jacket and get wounded, no one will see the blood and lose confidence.”

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The men were very impressed. They continued their journey to the heart of the mountains but disaster struck the following evening. As they came over a high ridge, they were confronted by a band of savages, at least 500 in number.

“Fight for your lives,” yelled the colonel, “and someone fetch me my brown trousers.”

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