Supercool Christmas activities you can do with the grandkids

Turn your presents into a work of art with kid-friendly wrapping crafts.

Got the grandies coming to visit for Christmas and not sure what to do? Even if your holiday celebration is limited to a single day, you can fill the festive season with fun!

It’s surprisingly tricky to think of things you and your grandchildren can do together, but here are several Christmas craft activities you can easily do with them.

Select a Christmas tree ornament together

There are some gifts that are best given before Christmas, and an ornament for the tree is one of them. Handmade ornaments are extra special and it can be fun for everyone if the grandkids are involved in making them. If you live a long way from your grandchildren and want to send them a special ornament for Christmas, avoid ones that are fragile and could break in the post — consider sending one of wood or resin instead.

Get charitable and give the spirit of Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to show your grandchildren that some of the greatest gifts are what you can do for others. If you live close to your grandchildren, you might want to take them shopping to pick out toys that can be donated to children less fortunate. There are a number of organisations, including The Smith Family, St Vincent De Paul Society, and the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

If the grandies aren’t so close, you could make a donation in their name to a charitable organisation.

Make some Christmas wrapping

Making your own Christmas wrapping doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. If you use acrylic paint they can be washed off easily and don’t cost a lot of money to purchase. Grab yourself some solid colour wrapping paper (think brown craft paper), some paper plates, paint, a black marker and felt balls or other craft supplies.

Cut your paper to size. Then squirt a few globs of paint onto the paper plates. Dip your thumb into one of the colours and make a print on the paper. Repeat the process with other colours. You’ll want to wash your thumb between each paint press. When the paint dries you can use the black marker to draw strings, or — if you are feeling particularly crafty — antlers and eyes for a reindeer, on your thumbprints. Using the extra craft materials, glue them on to complete the design.

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Get cooking

Baking Christmas biscuits with the grandies is one of those activities that seems to span generations. You can make a family recipe or you might want to make gingerbread girls and boys. A creative way to get your grandchildren involved if they live far away is to mix an extra batch of dry ingredients and seal them in an airtight bag along with the recipe and then send them to your family so that they can complete the job.

Read together

You might enjoy curling up with your grandchildren and reading to them, but it’s not always possible — especially if you live a long way away. However, you shouldn’t let distance stop you, and you can alway read together via Skype. Some Christmas favourites include How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, The Jolly Christmas Postman and The Christmas Magic.

You don’t have to wait until Christmas day to start celebrating.

How do you celebrate Christmas with your grandchildren? Are there any traditions you’d like to share?