Six reasons you should hold on to your avocado seeds

Avocados are one of the most popular foods, and when they’re in season, they fly off the shelves. We all know that avocados have health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, but more often than not, there’s one thing that goes to waste — the avocado seed.

We’re always throwing it away, but with it, we’re throwing away so many beauty and health remedies! Here are some ways to use avocado seeds, so that you get the full value of an avocado purchase:

1. DIY face scrub: Make a natural face and body scrub by grinding a dried pit in a food processor, or cut it into pieces and use a spice blender. Next, mix in one mashed banana and one tablespoon of coconut or almond oil. Apply to skin and gently exfoliate, before rinsing well.

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2. Avocado pit shampoo: Why spend money on expensive and toxic commercial shampoos, when you can make a cheap and effective hair product easily, with avocado seeds. This shampoo thickens and softens hair, and it is also said to help reduce greys.

To make, wash and dry three pits, and grate them into a pot using a vegetable grater. Add six cups of water and bring to a boil, simmering for about 30 minutes. Cool and strain into a bottle or jar. Combine three cups of this infusion with 60ml natural shampoo.

3. DIY massager: Avocado seeds are just the right size to make a mini foot massage kit. When you’ve collected several (after many smashed avocado on toast snacks/meals), place them in a shallow bucket or large bowl. Roll your feet over them to help work out some of that tension. You can use them warmed up as a substitute for a DIY hot stone massage, or on on your loved one’s back.

4. Treat a stomach ache: Drinking a hot tea made with the pit will soothe pains in the stomach. Halve the seed and drop it in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then drink this infusion slowly.

Another way to make the tea is to dry the pit and break it down using a spice blender. Add a tablespoon of this powder to a cup of hot water and drink it slowly.

5. Ease toothache: Cut off a piece of the pit and apply to a sore tooth to ease the pain. Gargling with a cooled version of the tea mentioned above can also help.

6. Soothe itchy, sore skin: Smash the seed and infuse it in olive oil for a week. Once filtered, this oil can be used as a treatment for itchy, sore skin.

Did you know these benefits of an avocado seed? Do you have any to add?