Not long before her wedding …
By Starts at 60 WritersIn JokesOn Saturday 5th Aug, 2017

Not long before her wedding …

Not long before her wedding, Melody discovered that her father’s new young wife had purchased the same dress as Melody’s mother.

“Can’t you change the dress?” Melody asked her stepmother. “I don’t want there to be an argument.”

“I’m not changing the dress,” said the stepmother. “I look fantastic in it.”

When Melody told her mother, she expected outrage but instead she took it in her stride and decided to buy another dress.

“Do you want to return the first one?” Melody asked. “It was expensive, and you don’t have any other reason to wear it.”

“I’ll still be wearing the dress,” said Melody’s mother.

“But I thought–”

“I’ll wear it to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.”

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