Nicole Kidman completely unrecognisable for new film

The usual looks we're used to seeing from Nicole Kidman. Source: Getty

We’re used to seeing her dressed to the nines at lavish red carpet events, but Nicole Kidman has sent shockwaves through Hollywood with her latest look.

The 50-year-old Aussie actress has undergone a make-under for a new film role.

While she’s known for showing off her luscious locks and stunning makeup, Kidman is completely unrecognisable as an LAPD detective.

She’s set to appear in a new crime drama called Destroyer, which is set for release next year.

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For the role, Nicole ditches her usually stylish hair for a short brown wig.

Whoa! #NicoleKidman got a major make-under for her new role as a gritty detective in #Destroyer. (????: Getty Images, Backgrid) ⠀

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She also steps away from the stunning red carpet gowns and wears a pair of jeans, a plain black top and a leather jacket.

Her face also looks dramatically different. Kidman appears to have big bags under her eyes and there’s no fancy lipstick or iconic makeup to be seen.

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It’s not the first time Kidman has changed her appearance for a film role.

She recently appeared in the hit TV series Top of the Lake where she wore a grey wig and extreme makeup to make her look elderly.

The star won an Academy Award in 2003 for her shocking role in The Hours.

Let’s just say she’s come a long way since her BMX Bandit days.

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The new pictures come after Nicole revealed her beauty secrets to looking young.

“I’m low maintenance in the sense that I have just one or two things that I put on at night, but I’m really into sun protection — as can be seen from paparazzi photos where I walk around in a big hat and a rashie and my sunscreen,” she revealed to Pop Sugar.

“I think probably being an Aussie and having always grown up with the idea of having invisible zinc has also been a really good thing … I spent my childhood covered in white zinc. I use it every single day, whether it’s sunny cloudy, Winter or Summer, but yeah, I have to use it every day.”

What do you think of Nicole’s appearance? Would you have recognised her walking down the street?