Named and shamed! Airline survey names the worst flying sins passengers can commit

A new survey has taken to the people to find out the most annoying things travellers can do at the airport and on the plane.

From seat kicking to holding up the plane, the survey, by Just the Flight, found a whole range of habits and annoyances that really tick off fellow passengers.

Out of the 5,000 people surveyed a whopping 53 per cent said they hated passengers who tried to skip the queue because they were running late for their flight.

Another 48 per cent said they despised people who held things up while they were digging through their bag trying to find their passport, while 47 per cent said they were annoyed by ‘jokers’ who made inappropriate comments about terrorism and bombs on planes.

Coming in fourth were ‘seat hogs’ who spread their legs and arms across the seat and encroached on their neighbours space, followed by people who still didn’t understand how security gates work.

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Also on the list were ‘carousel hogs’ who barge to the front of the baggage carousel so they can get their bag first and overly affectionate couples who spend the whole time kissing and making eyes at each other.

Airport staff didn’t escape the list either, with people venting their frustration at over-zealous security guards and shop assistants who ask to see your boarding pass before letting you pay for your items.

Take a look at the full list below and tell us: do you have any other pet peeves to add to it?

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