Funny or cruel? Boys choir Christmas stunt slammed

The Herning Boys Choir
The Herning Boys Choir tries to sing after eating the chillies. Image: Facebook/ChiliKlaus

Singing in front of an audience isn’t easy at the best of times, but try doing it after eating a piping hot chilli.

A video of the Denmark’s Herning Boys Choir went viral last week after they were told to eat a hot chilli and then sing Christmas carol ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’.

The stunt was thought up by a Danish man who goes by the name Chili Klaus and social media and describes himself as a musician, comedian and chilli enthusiast.

In the video, the boys, who range from prepubescent to teenagers, can be seen choking and rubbing their eyes as they try to hold it together under the watchful eye of their conductor.

It is not known whether to boys volunteered to be part of the stunt or if they were told to do it.

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‘Chili Klaus’ promoted the stunt as a joke on his Facebook page, but hundreds of angry online commenters chastised him for the prank and accused him of cruelty.

“What an idiot. Lucky someone wasn’t extremely allergic,” one man wrote on the Facebook video.

“This is ridiculous. I fail to see any humor in watching those boys suffer. And we wonder why teens end up giving into stupid pranks and dares on You Tube or by friends. Stupid stupid ‘joke’,” wrote another commenter.

Not everyone was outraged though. Some applauded the prank and said it gave them a good old laugh.

“This has made my night … I haven’t laugh like this for a very long time, poor kids,” wrote one man.

Do you think this is a harmless prank? Or unnecessarily cruel?