Your essential packing list for a camping holiday

While a camping holiday may sound simple, things can quickly head south if you don’t have all the correct equipment.

It takes more than just a tent and a torch to pull of the perfect camping holiday and there are a few things you should definitely consider if you want to have the perfect, stress-free camping trip.

Aside from the obvious – sleeping bag, toilet paper, hat – there are a few things that people often forget to consider when hitting the road for a camping trip.

These trusty items will ensure you have all the essentials you need for a great getaway and a comfy camp!

Air Mattress

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If you really want a good night’s sleep take a blow-up air mattress with you. You can find reasonably priced, compact mattresses that are easy to inflate once you get to your campsite and they save you hours of tossing and turning trying to find a comfy position on the ground.

Folding Chairs

Foldable camping chairs are essential for a good campsite. Buy the kind that have built-in cup holders so you’ve got somewhere to store your morning cup of tea.

Small picnic hamper

These are great for keeping all your cutlery, plates, bowls and cups together. Find one with straps so you can tie everything down and secure it in place in between uses.

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Mini Folding Table

Save yourself the trouble of trying to balance a bread board on your lap as you make the sandwiches and bring a small folding table. They keep the food off the ground, and away from the ants and insects, and will you a whole lot of hassle along the way.

Cooking stove

Take your trip to the next level with a camping stove to fry up your morning bacon and eggs. While cooking with a hot plate over an open fire is always an option, a small cooking stove is great for convenience.

Cooking pans

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While you can always bring pots and pans from home, special camping versions make all the difference. They are lightweight and easy to cart around and wash up afterwards. You can buy sets that are on the smaller side too, so you don’t have to worry about extra bulk when packing.

Mini kettle

You can’t start the day without a nice camp-side cuppa! Pick up a mini kettle to throw on the hotplate and boil up some water for your morning brew.

Do you have any other camping essentials to add to the list? Do you go camping very often?