Australia's favourite travel destinations revealed

Australians love to travel and it looks like our appetite for adventure isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A new list has revealed our favourite places to visit with many of them showcasing great food, warm climates and the opportunity for mega fun!

How many have you been to?

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s capital offers a host of activities for tourists, including incredible jungle safaris, white-water rafting, rock climbing and more. If you’d rather take it easy, there are hundreds of great restaurants and a thriving art scene for you to soak up the best of the city’s culture.

2. Hyderabad, India

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Traditionally popular cities like New Delhi and Mumbai can be overwhelming due to the traffic and pollution levels, so many Australians are flocking to Hyderabad instead where there are plenty of markets, historical buildings and beautiful scenery to keep you busy. The city offers a great mix and modern and old-world India, so you get to experience all the best of the city.

3. San Francisco, USA

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder San Francisco is a tourist favourite. From Alcatraz prison, cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge to Haight-Ashbury where the idea of free love and 1960s hippies was born. The city boasts great food and a lively arts scene.

4. Manchester, UK

‘Forget about London!’ say some travellers, ‘Manchester is the place to be!’. The city is quickly growing a reputation for its culture, sport and nightlife. The 18th century canal system is a must-see for history buffs, while soccer fans head to Old Trafford to catch a game.

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5. Hanoi, Vietnam

Affordable, beautiful and bustling with energy, Hanoi is a must-do when visiting Vietnam. Foodies love the mouth-watering street food, while the French and Chinese-inspired architecture is favourite with culture vultures. The city is surrounded by breathtaking mountain and ocean views, making it one of Asia’s most-loved cities.

6. Manila, Philippines

Known as ‘the pearl of the Orient’, Manilla is one of Asia’s most underrated cities. There is a budding art scene and incredible food to keep you satisfied. You can venture out of the city to take in the country’s natural wonders and head back to town later for an evening of great food and music.

7. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a shopper’s paradise and is a great example of east-meets-west culture in Asia. There are towering sky scrappers, the second tallest in the world, and a gorgeous mix of art deco architecture and old-school glamour.

How many of these cities have you been to? Which one would you most like to visit? What’s your favourite holiday destination?