A young lady was walking through the park ...

Women sitting on park bench

A young lady was walking through the park when she saw an old woman sitting on a bench, crying quietly.

“What’s wrong?” the young lady asked.

“I’m 83 years old and I have a 30-year-old husband at home,” said the woman. “He makes love to me every morning, then cooks breakfast. Pancakes, sausages, and freshly-squeezed orange juice.”

“What’s so bad about that?” the young lady asked.

The old woman continued, “He cooks lunch for me every day, and then we make love again.”

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“I see,” said the young lady.

“For dinner, he makes a gourmet meal and my favourite dessert. Then we make love again until midnight.”

“He sounds perfect,” said the young lady. “Why are you crying?”

The old woman looked at her. “I can’t remember where I live.”

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