A wealthy man had an affair ...

Plate of spaghetti

A wealthy man had an affair with an Italian woman for several years. One night, she told the man that she was pregnant.

Worried about his reputation, the man said he would pay a large sum if the woman went to Italy and had the child in secret. If she raised the child in Italy, he would also pay child support until the child turned 18. The woman agreed.

“But how will I let you know when the baby is born?” she asked.

“We’ll keep it discreet,” said the man. “Mail me a post card and write ‘Spaghetti’ on the back. Then I’ll organise the payments.”

Months later, the man came home from work to find his wife in the kitchen.

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“There’s a post card on the table for you,” she told him.

The man rushed to get the post card. After reading it, he turned white and collapsed.

His wife picked up the post card to see what had given her husband such a fright. The card read, “Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without! Request bread.”

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