5 genius uses for onions

Most of us just use onions for cooking, and cry as we chop them up.

But the truth is onions are useful for far more than just eating!

In fact, they can be use to treat and cure a range of ailments and health issues as well!

Here are five genius uses for onions.


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1. Cure for a cold

 No doubt you’ve probably heard this tip before, and while there’s actually no evidence to say it works, some people swear that onions are the secret to getting rid of a cold. The tip goes that to get rid of a cold, you should chop an onion in half and put it on a plate next to your bed while you sleep. Apparently, the onion ‘absorbs’ all the bad bacteria in the air and it’ll turn black. What harm is there in giving it a try and seeing if it works?


2. Soothe burns

While you might not automatically link onions with treating burns, it turns out they’re actually very handy for soothing minor burns! Rubbing a cut onion on your burn will not only relieve the pain, it’ll also work as an antiseptic – and if applied daily, it’ll reduce your chances of scarring as well!

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3. Ease earaches

Putting onion juices in your ear sounds odd, but apparently it’s an effective way of easing an earache. Apparently, all you need to do is bake an onion at a temperature of 230 degrees for 15 minutes. Once the onion has cooled, juice it and then put a few drops of the juice in your ear. It should begin to ease in no time!


4. Unblock your nose

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It turns out the vapours from the onion that make you cry are actually useful for getting rid of a sniffly nose. All you need to do is cut up an onion into a big bowl and then breath in the vapours. Apparently, the onion vapours open your nasal passages and make you cry at the same time!


5.  Treat bug bites

The warm summer weather brings out all the biting, stinging bugs including bees, mozzies and sand flies, and with it comes itchy bug bites that can make you break out into a rash. But did you know that onions can stop that? That’s right, just slice up an onion and rub the juices on your bug bites. It’ll take the sting out, stop any infection and ease any itching or redness!


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So there you have it! Onions are way handier than many of us could have imagined!


Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any clever uses for onions?