15 brilliant travel hacks you've probably never tried before

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Let’s face it: not everyone is a packing aficionado, and not everyone can remember every little thing to pack! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could think of all these things on the day? Well, now you can remember these tips before you go on your next trip, and they should really help you.

From packing to booking flights, there’s really a smart tip for everything. We’ve found the best 15 travel hacks that you might not have tried!

Do you have any others to add?

1. Use space bags

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Forget about shoving everything into your bag, a space saving vacuum bag is the much better option. Some $2 stores sell these, making them both a cheap and convenient option.

2. Take a power board

You’ll be thanking us later. Instead of having to charge one thing at a time with your travel charger, charge 5 or 6.

3. Store your chargers in glasses cases

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If you have some spare glasses cases, these will be handy for storing cords and chargers so they don’t get tangle in your bag.

4. Bring a pen

You’d be surprised how many times you need a pen but forget to bring one! Bring a little case with a few in it.

5. Pack a shower cap 

Place it over your shoes to stop them dirtying your clothes.

6. A new use for a Tictac container!

Today's "Travel Hack," by mwa. Tired of always mushing the bristols of your toothbrush, even when you use the commercially made "protective" brush covers? Clean up an old TicTac container and slide your brush in through the dispenser opening. Make sure the tip of the brush is pressed firmly against the bottom of the box, then tape the handle to the dispenser lid so that the brush won't twist around in transit. P.S. I rarely ever throw out TicTac containers. They can be reused as smaller containers for medication for your purse, or can hold small earrings or other jewelry while you're on the go. And if you're a crafter like myself, they're great to use for organizing small beads, crystals, safety pins etc. #ReduceReuseRecycle #Recycle #TravelTip #TravelHack #LifeHack #Organize #GrandRapids #Michigan #USA

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These can also be used for bobby pins.

7. Charge your electronics through a TV

Have you lost or forgotten your wall plug for your charger? Most modern TVs have a USB connector on the back or side. Simply plug in your electrical device.

8. Clothes line

Hand washing clothes can be a reality of travelling, though most developed countries have laundromats or laundry services who can clean your clothes for you. If you have to wash something yourself, invest in a cheap travel clothes line before you go – it can be hung up almost anywhere and will be one of your most handy items.

9. Keep curtains closed

What a clever idea! Many of us have been in a hotel only to bring the curtains closed and see light flooding in. Bring a pants hanger and do this!

10. Use a pot holder to store your curler or straightener

If you’re on the move, you likely won’t have time to wait for your hair appliance to cool down, so use a pot holder!

11. Put plastic wrap over your liquids incase of spillage or breakage

Caps and screw tops usually can prevent leaks and spills but you can never be too careful.

12. Put fragile stickers on your bag

13. Book the cheapest flight!

14. Use a travel-sized liquid bottle to store medication

15. Change your location when booking flights

A ticket’s “point of sale” i.e. where it is purchased, can affect its price thanks to something called “regional pricing”. Basically, the price of a ticket will be lower in a country with a lower standard of living, or when travel companies are trying to break into a new country.

To change your point of sale when next booking flights, i.e. changing your location to Hanoi, Vietnam instead of Melbourne, simply Google: ‘Google ITA matrix’ and you will be able to search for flights. Compare prices and you will be very surprised!


Do you have any other great travel hacks to add?