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The pitfalls of modern technology around the home

Technology sure makes our lives easier, but it can also cause unexpected problems. And how! Have you ever been out...
Everyday Tech
11 Oct

Larry Emdur admits: My internet search history makes me look creepy

Search engines are a wonderful thing, unless you’re a pub quiz fiend – in that case, the flagrant cheating that...
Everyday Tech
8 Oct

Why you need to change your computer passwords NOW

When was the last time you changed your computer passwords? If it has been a while, now might be a...
Everyday Tech
4 Oct

Prince Harry's message for kids we can all get behind

Prince Harry has certainly been attracting a lot of attention by his appearances at The Invictus Games. Everywhere he goes...
Everyday Tech
29 Sep

If you come across this Facebook 'hack', don't fall for it

If you come across anything advising you that you can find out who’s ‘stalking’ your Facebook page, don’t bother –...
Everyday Tech
26 Sep

Everything you need to know about switching to the NBN

You’ve probably heard about the National Broadband Network (NBN), if only because of the endless political arguments about it.  But...
Everyday Tech
22 Sep

The one thing you should always turn off on your mobile phone

Mobile phones really are amazing. They are not just a device to keep in contact with our nearest and dearest,...
Everyday Tech
22 Sep

The four-point checklist to help you get the best broadband deal

How long does it take you to reach boiling point when your PC fails to load? If you’re like a...
Everyday Tech
18 Sep

This gadget will help you to never lose anything again

Are you constantly forgetful? Lose your keys on a regular basis? What about your handbag or wallet? What about your...
Everyday Tech
15 Sep

Apple's new watch will tell you if you're having heart problems

Apple’s launched a new version of its Apple watch, with even more high-tech health features, including one that will tell...
Everyday Tech
13 Sep

New technology that means you'll never lose car keys again

How many times have you turned the house upside down looking for your car keys? What about accidentally locking them...
Everyday Tech
1 Sep

The crazy reasons dashboard cameras are creating viral videos

A device installed inside your car is making viral videos on the internet, and you could be part of the...
Everyday Tech
27 Aug

Five phone apps to help save you time

In today’s busy world, time is the most valuable resource that no one can afford to lose. Everyone is looking...
Everyday Tech
18 Aug

Why you need to update your Apple device's operating system now

If you’ve been putting off the update reminder on your iPhone, stop ignoring it now. The operating system update to...
Everyday Tech
25 Jul

Should Australia follow the US with this new road rule?

We have all seen it. People walking along, busy on their mobile phones and not paying attention to where they...
Everyday Tech
16 Jul

This app helps you pass on treasured keepsakes and memories

Many of us have treasured items handed down by relatives, but don’t know the full significance they had for our loved...
Everyday Tech
15 Jul