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What I’ve learned building Starts at 60

It’s hasn’t been, and isn’t, easy! So many interesting lessons! ...
Our Community Cares
14 Mar

Have you got a cracker of an opinion or a great story to tell? We open up our soapbox to you!

Since we started Starts at 60 back in 2013, we have sought to share your stories. Each day we’ve published...
Our Community Cares
28 Jan

Sixty Something: Teaching a non-English speaking person

Hello sixty somethings. Today I was supposed to teach my lovely Afghani lady a lesson in English. I am a volunteer...
Our Community Cares
8 Aug

I've realised I want to help the homeless

A while ago Mum completed the 100th picture in her colouring in books, and I thought she deserved some sort...
Our Community Cares
6 Jul

Help! I'm going to a charity ball and have no idea what to wear

One of our SAS readers messaged us this week with a dilemma she’s facing. It’s always an honour to be...
Our Community Cares
20 May

My daughter-in-law doesn't want to carry on the family name

When our grandchild is born to our son and his partner, we naturally assume the baby will take the husband’s...
Our Community Cares
29 Apr

What eyeliner and mascara should I use in my 60s?

When we get older, finding makeup that lasts and is right for ageing skin can be quite difficult. There’s not...
Our Community Cares
22 Apr

My daughter-in-law smacks my grandchild and I'm not okay with it...

Smacking has always been a big debate in our society, but in recent years it’s become even a legal issue....
Our Community Cares
15 Apr