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Letter to the Editor: Ladybird Aggregation

The strange way in which ladybirds (perhaps millions of them) gather in a hydro power station on Tasmania’s isolated west...
Letters to the editor
18 Dec

Letter to the editor: In response to Noel Pearson

In response to the recent article on Starts at 60 titled ‘ABC labelled ‘racist’ by indigenous leader‘ I offer the...
Letters to the editor
23 Nov

Letter to the Editor: The disgrace of my latest hospital visit

My mum is 92, and on Melbourne Cup Day she buckled over and started crying and yelling. She was experiencing...
Letters to the editor
17 Nov

Letter to the Editor: HMAS Shropshire

I drove across to Ulverstone to get this photo, in steady rain, of the entry to Shropshire Park. Today, October...
Letters to the editor
13 Nov

Letter to the Editor: Melanoma

A much-loved member of our footballing community, Jarryd Roughead of the Hawthorn Hawks in Victoria, is taking an indefinite leave-of-absence...
Letters to the editor
24 May

My experience with domestic violence

In regards to your article on Domestic Violence… I didn’t grow up in a violent home, however I married a...
Letters to the editor
19 Apr

Rehabilitate the victim, not the criminal

I‘m increasingly disillusioned at the sentences handed down to criminals by magistrates and judges. Take for example the case of...
Letters to the editor
11 Apr

Why our banks leaving the elderly being left behind?

On the 27th of this month our local bank is closing it’s doors and taking it’s A.T.M. They say there...
Letters to the editor
8 Apr

Let us never forget the great majority of our police forces serve us well

We had a funny (strange, not humorous) situation with publication this week of the review, Three Crooked Kings by Matthew...
Letters to the editor
5 Apr

The beauty of seniors week

Seniors week is fast approaching and I would like to thank our Council and all those involved in making this...
Letters to the editor
2 Apr

'Easter' no longer printed on chocolate eggs, what's next?

Another Good Friday has been and gone, and the posts about Cadbury taking the word Easter off a lot of their chocolate...
Letters to the editor
29 Mar

Our justice system is flawed beyond belief!

The so called “justice” and “legal” system is flawed beyond belief. I have been watching the media circus surrounding Glenn...
Letters to the editor
21 Mar

Does volunteering hinder the unemployed?

Australians have a proud history of volunteering. Particularly in times of disaster Australians will volunteer to help not only in...
Letters to the editor
18 Mar

Tasmanian Premier tells Opposition Leader to "Go slit your wrists, mate'

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, caught on a microphone in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, told the state’s Opposition Leader,...
Letters to the editor
17 Mar

CSIRO cuts are under fire but Joe Hockey jumps to their defence

Joe Hockey, former treasurer and now ambassador to the United States, has publicly defended Australia’s climate change efforts following an editorial...
Letters to the editor
16 Mar

The unethical connection between insurance companies and the medical profession

In recent days there has been a focus on insurance companies delaying payments on medical grounds to people who need...
Letters to the editor
14 Mar