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Not everyone will be celebrating the festive season with their loved ones

It was while writing my Christmas cards this year I realised the festive season might not be so ‘festive’ for...
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19 Dec

Madonna's emotional speech raises big questions for baby boomer women

Singer Madonna isn’t afraid of a little controversy and over the weekend she drummed up a bit more with her...
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12 Dec

Having a favourite child isn't as unusual as you think

It is generally said that most parents love all their children equally. Sure there are ups and downs, like with...
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1 Dec

How you can help your ageing relatives make that tough decision

There comes a time when the relationship between you and an older relative might become strained (and possibly even irreparable)...
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26 Nov

Calls for Australians to stop relying on government handouts

When you think back to the Australia of your childhood, has it changed much? Is the country we live in...
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23 Nov

How to prepare your finances for the worst

If you died unexpectedly or lost the ability to communicate, would your final wishes be honoured? It’s a question most...
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21 Nov

This petty schoolyard tactic is becoming more common among adults

You’d think that once we’d all grown up and left school we wouldn’t need to worry about bulling anymore. Not...
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20 Nov

Reasons people fear ageing and why you shouldn't

Some people see growing old as a privilege. Not everyone gets to live to be over-60. With the pollution levels,...
The Tough Stuff
19 Nov

TV personality makes heartbreaking but brave admission about her Parkinson's diagnosis

“I resigned from the ABC in 2013. I had been reporting for the Four Corners program for nearly 20 years,...
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18 Nov

Leonard Cohen's son makes everyone think about what their legacy will be

Last week the world lost one of it’s greatest poets and musicians, Leonard Cohen, and while his death brought sadness...
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16 Nov

Where there is a will, there is a war

In an ideal world, you write a will stating how you would like your assets to be distributed when you...
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13 Nov

The most important thing over sixties can learn from the US election

As Donald Trump sailed to victory in the US election last week, America and the world watched on in shock....
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12 Nov

Do we care about old people behind bars, and should we?

I was interviewed on radio after conducting a literature review on services to the aged in prison in Australia and...
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10 Nov

The good and the bad of social media

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing someone on their phone on social media. Whether they’re scrolling endlessly...
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3 Nov

The never ending argument over voluntary euthanasia

We’ve been discussing and debating this topic endlessly as a country for decades. There’s been legislation passed, legislation failed and...
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1 Nov

An alarming number of Aussie women don't feel safe

While Australia prides itself on a laid back and friendly attitude, it turns out most Aussie women don’t feel safe...
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30 Oct