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Popular canned food advert banned over safety fears

A television advert by popular canned food brand Heinz has caused outrage. The ad, showing people drumming a rhythm on...
25 Nov

The 12 gifts shoppers are being warned to not buy this Christmas

You know what they say about giving – it’s the thought that counts? Well, you might actually want to exercise...
23 Nov

The Australian fashion brand over-60s have been waiting for

Over-60s style is unique and full of character; it’s a personal look which has developed over the years. Imagine those...
21 Nov

Hot weather fashion ideas for over-60s

It’s not even summer yet in Australia but the weather is already heating up to as high as 36 degrees...
10 Nov

How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations?

We’re barely into November and it looks like shops around Australia have started their Christmas marketing full swing. Fake snow,...
5 Nov

Oprah reveals her annual Favourite Things list

Television queen Oprah Winfrey has released her annual Favourite Things Christmas list and this year it’s a doozy. If you’ve...
4 Nov

Popular fashion brand under fire for refusing to make plus-size clothes

It’s an issue millions of plus-size Australian women struggle with: trying to find clothes that fit and actually look good...
30 Sep

Trolley wars to heat up as speculation increases new supermarket will launch in Australia

There’s increased speculation a new discount supermarket is set to launch in Australia, which could see cheaper prices as competitors...
26 Sep

How to handle a pushy salesperson

Trying to make a big ticket purchase is stressful enough, but the utter sense of dread that can come over...
1 Aug

Woolworths launches "Why I shop at Woolies" campaign to lure customers back

5 or 10 years ago, you would have never thought twice when you said what the top supermarket was –...
15 Jul

Yet another Aldi recall: Shoppers at risk if they eat popular bakery product

It’s not been a great week for one of Australia’s most popular supermarkets – there’s been another recall of their...
14 Jul

Aldi's dark secret to cheaper prices revealed

Aldi is truly winning at the supermarket game, blowing Coles and Woolies out of the water. But could there be a...
10 Jul

The supermarket that has been labelled the best ever... and it's coming to Australia

Look out Aldi – there’s another competitor on its way, and it could change everything. Just when we thought grocery...
8 Jul

IKEA puts consumers and the industry on notice with massive changes

It’s been a long-standing stereotype that IKEA furniture is too complex to put together and not of the best quality. ...
5 Jul

Why Aldi and other stores mightn't be cheap for long

Experts say we’ve gotten so sued to cheap prices that we mightn’t be able to handle it if they increase…...
28 Jun

Aldi and Costco battle it out for permission to sell hugely popular item

Many supermarkets around Australia are able to sell alcohol, however Aldi and Costco are struggling to convince lawmakers that they...
27 Jun