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Vicious family feud over will makes eye-watering reading

There’s family feuds, and then there’s the Barbanera family feud. The Sydney family’s argument was so bitter and intractable that...
9 Apr

You'll either squirm or agree with these frisky ladies

“The reason why I think sex should be talked about is that there’s nothing wrong with it.” And talk about...
31 Mar

The lifeskills we should teach to our grandchildren

Those are beautiful lessons! ...
27 Mar

Shock data show Aussies losing their competitive edge

Aussies are known for their fiercely competitive streak when it comes to sport. Whether it’s the infamously vicious sledging of...
26 Mar

Answer this honestly: Have you done your best work yet?

A couple of years ago I sat down with a bloke for coffee at Mario’s cafe in Melbourne’s Brunswick Street....
26 Mar

Age is irrelevant says Australian who married Manus Island asylum seeker

An Australian refugee advocate has married a 31-year-old Manus Island asylum seeker. The Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday the controversial marriage of...
26 Mar

Why grandparents should be paid for their childcare work

In Australia, grandparent care is by far the most common form of childcare, ahead of formal long day-care and after-school...
13 Mar

If you married with an age gap, has it affected your relationship now?

When you are younger, marrying someone that was a bit older than you wasn’t such a big deal.  Even after...
8 Mar

Does what people think about you really matter?

“What would the neighbours think?” is phrase more than a few have heard in our lifetimes.  To some public perception...
1 Mar

Social media parenting 'tips' are painfully funny and true

Parenting.  It’s a tough job. Grandparenting can be just as tough, but how great would it have been to have...
25 Feb

Things change with age; research uncovering the secrets of dating

RSVP no longer means saying whether or not you attend an event. In fact, when it comes to dating you...
24 Feb

Just because love is in the air doesn't mean the bills have to skyrocket

Valentines Day is one of those commercialised holidays that we still love to celebrate. It can be difficult to find...
11 Feb

Are 'wife lessons' a good idea? At least one man thinks so

This couple take the biscuit – and the fight’s all about who’s not baking them.  Tuesday’s episode saw a man...
2 Feb

Let's talk: You don't have a 'moral right' to share pix of your grandkids

As your grandkids dressed up in their fresh, new uniforms last Monday and headed off to school, you, or maybe...
30 Jan

Break out of the norm and make new friends

Jan has struggled since turning 60. She decided to make a tree change and move inland but has since lost...
26 Jan

Where has all the good conversation gone?

Having coffee in a cafe recently I happened to overhear a conversation between a group of women at the table...
19 Jan