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An important guide for the nieces, granddaughters and goddaughters in our lives...

  Knowledge is power, and I believe in girls being empowered. Girl Stuff 8 – 12 by Kaz Cooke does just that....
7 Feb

Let's talk: You don't have a 'moral right' to share pix of your grandkids

As your grandkids dressed up in their fresh, new uniforms last Monday and headed off to school, you, or maybe...
30 Jan

Get the grandkids out of tech and into real play

There used to be a time that you didn’t have to tell kids to “go out and play.” They were...
21 Jan

Why little 'fussy eaters' should be taken seriously

If you, like so many grandparents, have a fussy eater on your hands, you might want to take note: it...
16 Jan

Young Aussie boy surprises everyone with crazy piano skills

It’s not every day you come across a child prodigy while doing your grocery shopping, but that’s exactly what happened...
14 Jan

Grandparents give astonishing gift to their grandchildren

There is no doubt that most grandparents would give their grandkids anything that the needed for a happy life.  After...
11 Jan

Grandkids share the hilarious things their grandmas have said to them

As grandparents we all like to laugh at some of the hilarious things our grandies say to us. But have...
10 Jan

When you lose access to your grandchildren and you don't know what to do

These days, whenever someone asks me whether I have grandchildren, I tell them I have two. But the truth is,...
9 Jan