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Ten amazing reasons not to throw away those silica gel packets

Silica gel packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. You get them with a lot of things;...
5 Mar

Give your seedlings an extra boost with this gardening lifehack

This easy gardening idea will crack you up. Egg shells can be used to grow seeds, with added nutrition for...
1 Mar

Craft some clever ways to recycle common household packaging

We all know baby wipes have many uses, and not just for babies. After all, we gave you those tips...
23 Feb

This lifehack will save on household waste while helping your garden to grow

Make your own compost for the garden with your kitchen scraps. You can use a whole host of every day...
18 Feb

This lifehack helps one cooking ingredient taste better for longer

Herbs and spices are a tasty addition to any recipe, and you can easily grow them yourself in your own...
15 Feb

Close call brings a warning about this popular home decor piece

Suncatchers are a lovely addition to any garden. However one Aussie gardener has warned others of the dangers of having...
1 Feb

How does your summer garden grow? Blooming great tips

Summer sure is here. It’s so hot. We are all wilting from the increasing temperatures, your precious plants included. Before you escape...
26 Jan

Everything you ever wanted to know about vertical gardens

Vertical gardening has come into favour in recent years and is now much more than just a passing trend. When...
11 Dec