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Flying high with the Skyhooks

It’s hard to think of the iconic Australian band The Skyhooks without thinking about legendary lead singer Graeme “Shirley” Strachan, but...
1 Apr

Saturday Night Nostalgia: The otherworldly tale of Alvin Stardust

It’s rare that you get a second chance in the entertainment business.  Some do get the chance, like actor John...
25 Mar

Remember when a WWII sea mine washed up on the Gold Coast?

It was a day that many would never forget.  It was also the day that the sunny Gold Coast held...
18 Mar

Saturday Night Nostalgia: This 1970 hit knew 'your desire'

It is a song that became a monster hit, but can you remember the name of the band?  It was...
11 Mar

How were you taught about makeup?

It’s a rite of passage that is usually handled by your mother or big sister, but in the 50s and...
10 Mar

Saturday Night Nostalgia: 'Ding Dong' Denise Drysdale leaves Australia in stitches

Earlier today we reported on the wonderful Ding Dong Does Dinner segment in which Denise called Opposition Leader Bill Shorten a “goose”...
25 Feb

Benny Hill was comedy royalty but also king of the music charts

Benny Hill was mostly known for his sexually driven comedy show The Benny Hill Show.  However, did you know he...
18 Feb

The dark tale of John Stanley Cave aka William Shakespeare

When I write the name William Shakespeare you might think of The Bard who wrote many a wonderful play.  A...
11 Feb

One of the 'sexiest' songs in history wouldn't have happened without the Aussies

There have been some great moments in Australian rock, but one US band owes their lasting mark on music history...
28 Jan

How a 60s cartoon predicted the future

We all remember those wide-eyed moments where, glued to the television screen, we watched our favourite futuristic family zoom about...
21 Jan

The song that dominated the charts today in 1975 'You're My World'

The song You’re My World has a fantastic history. It was originally started as an Italian song Il Mio Mondo...
14 Jan

These vintage men's fashion ads are sidesplittingly bad

1970s fashion began as a continuation of the hippie look from the late 1960s and eventually it became one of...
9 Jan

In 1963 a new Birthday anthem was released to the world

The 60s were a time that changed a lot about popular culture, but who would have thought it could have...
8 Jan

These male stars of the 70s sent hearts fluttering

They were the stars of films and television.  Just the sight of them would send hearts fluttering around the world....
7 Jan

Fond fondue memories and other classic foods

Food brings memories.  Sometimes a taste or even the smell, of a particular dish can make memories flood back to...
6 Jan

A look back at the wedding hairstyles you might have had

It is another one of those times when you look at photos and think, “that had to be the thing...
4 Jan