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Rhonda Burchmore's tribute to her childhood memories

Rhonda Burchmore remembers moments in her childhood familiar to many – pretending to perform like her music idols. Talking to...
21 Jul

The hit songs you never knew Carole King created, in a Beautiful musical

Carole King is known for many big hits throughout her career, but you might be surprised at exactly how many....
30 Jun

This gritty stage version of George Orwell's 1984 is unmissable

When George Orwell’s 1984 novel about a dystopian future controlled by the ubiquitous Big Brother was first published in 1949,...
17 Jun

Why Todd McKenney has given up on love, and Botox

Todd McKenny has certainly had a varied career.  From dancing at the age of three to representing Australia in ballroom...
16 Jun

Bette Midler shows off glittering gown and potty mouth

Bette Midler is a true Broadway legend and now has the trophy to prove it. The 71-year-old multi-talented performer just...
12 Jun

Why Number 96 was the first and last tv role for Margi Brown Ash

Number 96 will be remembered by many for its raunchy sex scenes and its nudity. The Australia soap opera that ran...
11 Jun

Anthony Warlow reminisces days of family singalongs

For Anthony Warlow, growing up in a small country town is reminiscent of his latest role, in the upcoming production...
9 Jun

Attending the theatre in London... without the long-haul flight

This significantly cheaper alternative is almost as good as the real thing....
13 May