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1947: After tragedy and trauma, a young woman finds her independence

Anita Shreve is a prodigious writer of some 17 books, fiction and non-fiction, relating to women’s issues. Her novel The...
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23 Jun

Crimson Lake: a tale of mystery and suspense in the steamy wetlands of Queensland

A young girl is raped, and a police officer is charged with committing the offence. When he is first taken into...
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22 Jun

Shakespeare's 'Othello' gets a 21st century update

It’s an interesting concept to take a Shakespearean play and rewrite it as a novel, updating it and bringing it...
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21 Jun

The Forever House: a great laid-back holiday read

Nestled in the Cotswold’s, just on the outskirts of Peasebrook is the Willoughby family home, Hunter’s Moon. Belinda Baxter, a...
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20 Jun

The desperate race to cure Alzheimer's Disease

In Pursuit of Memory is a fascinating and very human story of the Alzheimer’s epidemic that affects millions of people around...
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19 Jun

Reporter Eric Campbell guides us through the world's smallest, silliest places

Every Auntiephile will know a bespectacled man who travels the world to deliver insightful programs on Foreign Correspondent, providing warmth,...
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18 Jun

Dymocks Book of the Week: The Cows

Laugh out loud funny with twists aplenty – The Cows the debut adult novel from Dawn O’Porter deserves to be read...
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16 Jun

27 compelling and heartbreaking tales of Western Australia

John Kinsella is known for his books of poetry and short stories, including “In the Shade of the Shady Tree”,...
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15 Jun