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Why a French town will never forget the Anzacs

Walk into any bookshop today and you will find a large number of books on World War 1 and in...
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25 Apr

A tale of human trafficking and inhuman terrorism

Peter May’s The China Thrillers series is popular for the tempestuous relationship between Chinese detective Li Yan, and acerbic Chicago pathologist Dr. Margaret...
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24 Apr

How modern food is destroying our health

I was recently confronted with the diagnoses of an autoimmune disease, so at I approached the reading and subsequent reviewing...
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23 Apr

Saturday on the Couch... with John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck intended to write this as a story for children, the tale of a gentle giant and his minder;...
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22 Apr

Dymocks Book of the Week: Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies

A tale of espionage, love and passionate heroism. Inspired by true events, Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies, by Jackie French, is...
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21 Apr

Meet Tommi Grayson: a heroine who's all bark, all bite

Tommi Grayson, who has Maori heritage, is a 23-year-old woman living in Scotland. Oh, yes, she’s also a werewolf....
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20 Apr

Ever dreamed of starting a new life in France?

Marianne is sixty. She has been married to a dull, controlling man for forty-four years. On a cheap bus tour...
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19 Apr

A delightful adventure through Australian history

This delightful children's book will even teach adults a thing or two about Australian history....
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18 Apr