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The sweeping 6,000-year story of Istanbul

A biography of one of the world’s greatest cities – Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Istanbul has always been a place where stories...
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20 Feb

How to help the young women in our lives live well

When you find out that this large, beautifully presented lifestyle book is written by a former Miss Universe Contestant, you...
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19 Feb

Saturday on the Couch with Ange Postecoglou

  Gosh, if ever there’s a book I wanted to review, Changing The Game by Ange Postecoglou (with Andy Harper) is it.  ...
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18 Feb

Dymocks Book of the Week: Still Lucky

At a time when politics seems increasingly negative and our society increasingly divided, Still Lucky by Rebecca Huntley shows that we are more...
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17 Feb

Take a journey back to 1970s Australia...

If Blood Should Stain the Wattle by Jackie French is a delightful read, covering the time span between March 1972 and December 1975. Although...
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16 Feb

Imagine losing the only life you've ever known...

City of Friends is the twentieth novel from the highly acclaimed author, Joanna Trollope, so I wonder why this is the...
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15 Feb

A mysterious thriller spanning three centuries

Set in the present day, but with the major characters originating from the future (the 24th and the 25th century...
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14 Feb

Hachette Book of the Week: Calling Major Tom

Calling Major Tom is a heart-warming and ultimately life-affirming story of a man who has given up on the world…...
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13 Feb

Adam Liaw's easiest Japanese recipes for home cooks

“We can learn as much about food from a story or proverb as we can from a measurement or method....
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12 Feb

A unique insight into the mind of Oprah Winfrey

  The public’s appetite for all things Oprah Winfrey has waned little since her Chicago TV debut in 1983. Known...
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10 Feb

The truth about why people do bad things

I’d just watched a movie titled “The Big Short”.  In it, there’s a classic quote, “The truth is like poetry,...
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9 Feb

Can there be humour in the dour world of espionage?

If another spy from another time was ‘stirred, not shaken,’ this one is most definitely shaken… with a dash of...
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8 Feb

An important guide for the nieces, granddaughters and goddaughters in our lives...

  Knowledge is power, and I believe in girls being empowered. Girl Stuff 8 – 12 by Kaz Cooke does just that....
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7 Feb

An essential memoir about growing up on the wrong side of the tracks

Gem is 16 and so pretty heads turn to look at her. She and Mick, 19, plan to leave King’s...
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6 Feb

Cookbook Corner: Stephanie Alexander is back with a new "kitchen bible"

What a treat to read and review Stephanie Alexander’s latest offering, The Cook’s Table. Stephanie is a chef, a business...
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5 Feb

Saturday on the Couch: Planning the perfect wardrobe!

“De-clutter your closet, maximise your fashion choices, and reinvent your own personal style.” If you are like me, you wonder...
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4 Feb