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One state has made a bold move on tax cuts for seniors

The national property body wants a tax break proposed by the West Australian government for seniors rolled out across the...
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24 Feb

How you can get support and stay in your home if you have dementia

Many of us assume that a dementia diagnosis means you have to leave your home and move into a care...
Your Home
7 Feb

Beat the heat and the bills with expert tips on maximising your AC

It’s the summer dilemma: you’re sweltering while staring longingly at the air-conditioner but the thought of a stratospheric electricity bill...
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3 Feb

Close call brings a warning about this popular home decor piece

Suncatchers are a lovely addition to any garden. However one Aussie gardener has warned others of the dangers of having...
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1 Feb

What to do if the government wants to acquire your property

No doubt you’ve probably been reading about the Federal Government’s plans to acquire the properties of dozens of homeowners near...
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31 Jan

An ex-burglar spills the beans on how you can keep your house safe

Keep your home safe from burglars doesn’t need to be complex. According to an ex-burglar, whose letter to his neighbourhood...
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30 Dec

How to make sure you declutter your house effectively

There’s no time like after Christmas and the New Year to get in and start decluttering your home. Whether it’s...
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27 Dec

Six home maintenance tips for summer you should know

Everyone knows that a change in season can mean a change in bills, safety requirements and home maintenance. The hot...
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20 Dec