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Reinstatement fees in retirement villages explained

Fees and charges are one of the main things that confuses people moving into and out of retirement villages. That’s...
Retirement Living
26 Jan

Understanding the key terms in your retirement village contract

Moving into a retirement village can be daunting, particularly when you sit down to read through your contract. Sometimes your...
Retirement Living
21 Jan

How moving to a retirement village could affect your pension

We’ve all heard about the pension changes can affect you if you have assets worth more than a set amount....
Retirement Living
12 Jan

How would you like to live in these tiny houses?!

No doubt you’ve heard or read about the growing trend of tiny houses around the world, particularly amongst retirees. Now,...
Retirement Living
7 Jan

Alternative housing options you might not have considered as a retiree

So you’re looking at selling up the family home and downsizing in 2017? Well, you could be like many people...
Retirement Living
5 Jan

The checklist you need when considering a move to a retirement village

Moving into a retirement village is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make later in life. That’s why it’s...
Retirement Living
3 Jan

Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions before moving into a retirement village

If moving into a retirement village in 2017 is your goal, then it’s going to be a big year for...
Retirement Living
31 Dec

The changes aimed at making your retirement village contract easier to understand

One of the biggest concerns expressed about retirement villages by many of our readers here at Starts at 60 is...
Retirement Living
22 Dec

Creative retirement-housing options you might love

Who does not face the challenge of retirement? If you’re a baby boomer you’ll know how tricky it can be and...
Retirement Living
21 Dec

Retirement living census reveals average cost of retirement village units

Have you ever wondered what the average cost of a retirement village unit is? Well, a census conducted by PwC...
Retirement Living
16 Dec

Why retirement living is under the spotlight at the moment

You’ve probably heard and read a lot of about retirement villages in the news lately, especially here on Starts at...
Retirement Living
10 Dec

How retirement living design is changing with the times

When many of us think about retirement villages we have flashbacks to stepping into our grandparents house designed in the...
Retirement Living
10 Dec

The differences between aged care and retirement villages

  All too often people get confused about the differences between aged care and retirement villages. Mention moving to a...
Retirement Living
9 Dec

Busting the 'myths' of retirement village living

It seems every time we discuss retirement villages here at Starts at Sixty, there are some negative comments. In recent...
Retirement Living
3 Dec

What happens if you want or need to move from your retirement village

  Moving into a retirement village can be a complicated business – and moving out can be just as complicated....
Retirement Living
2 Dec

Before you consider moving to a retirement village.... consider this

Today, we take a look at the important things you should consider when making the move into a retirement village.  There’s...
Retirement Living
27 Nov