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Malaysia is the best overseas retirement destination for Aussies

Fancy getting away from ever-increasing prices and the pressure to downsize? Malaysia is the place to do it, according to...
Retirement Living
16 Sep

How a retirement village social life can help you live longer

Living in a retirement village is one way to make sure your circle of friends doesn’t shrink when you finish work....
Retirement Living
13 Sep

Why lapping up affection from a pet is the best therapy

They’re great for helping you deal with depression, injury and surgery, studies show....
Retirement Living
8 Sep

Beat the little things that ruin sleep with these easy steps

About half of all older adults have trouble sleeping....
Retirement Living
7 Sep

Five reasons to be wary of the costs of downsizing

It’s time to debunk the myth of zero housing costs in retirement if we want to understand why retirees resist...
Retirement Living
7 Sep

Federal minister vows to close retirement village law loopholes

The Federal Small Business Minister has vowed to coordinate with his state counterparts for ramp up protection for people buying...
Retirement Living
1 Sep

Exit fees and ‘super’ profits: The truth about retirement villages

Starts at 60 asked Aveo’s CEO Geoff Grady the tough questions on retirement villages...
Retirement Living
29 Aug

Elder abuse on the rise thanks to greedy Gen Y

Have we raised Generation Greedy? New data has revealed that Millennials are the most demanding generation when it comes to...
Retirement Living
28 Aug

How Airbnb is helping older Aussies earn a living

Is home-sharing site Airbnb to blame for Sydney’s rising rental costs? It seems like a simple-enough question, but the answer...
Retirement Living
22 Aug

Let's talk: How your lifestyle is set to change in future years

Who knew how the world would be today, 50 years ago? Mobile phones that do so much more than allow you...
Retirement Living
16 Aug

Australian property prices have reached a new record

For years now, we’ve been hearing that property prices in Australia are outstripping the cost of living. With constant debate...
Retirement Living
15 Aug

Renting in retirement will cost you more than you imagined

Various studies have shown that the number of Australians who achieve home ownership in their 30s and 40s is steadily...
Retirement Living
11 Aug

Five ways to ease the ‘care conversation’ with your loved one

Waiting until your parent or relative needs help at home can be too late for many....
Retirement Living
9 Aug

Under-fire retirement village contracts set for overhaul

The dust still hasn’t quite settled since the Four Corners episode that blasted the complex contracts many older Australians sign before...
Retirement Living
3 Aug

Australia's getting a state-of-the-art 'dementia village'

Complications from dementia are the second most common cause of death in Australia, but aged care facilities can fall short...
Retirement Living
3 Aug

David and Goliath battle looms over 'lifetime' housing contract

A New South Wales retirement village is the unlikely setting of a David-and-Goliath-style battle. And it’s going to take Solomon-like judgement...
Retirement Living
28 Jul