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The home safety tips that could save your elderly parent's life

Many of us still have at least one loved one who either lives alone or is in our care. For...
Retirement Living
23 May

Is this the budget that forgot renters?

The measures in the 2017-18 federal budget targeting the supply of lower-cost rental housing are limited. There are no significant...
Retirement Living
16 May

Retirement village residents call for big legal changes

As you might have read back in March, a parliamentary committee has recommended the Victorian Government make sweeping changes to...
Retirement Living
13 May

Seniors' groups give their verdict on budget measures

In the lead up to the budget, there was a lot of talk about how it might address concerns about...
Retirement Living
11 May

Australia through to the Eurovision Grand Final

Eurovision is the competition that gave life to talented acts such as ABBA, and no doubt over the years you’ve...
Retirement Living
11 May

What to expect from the budget for your housing situation

There has been plenty of discussion in the lead up to the budget about housing, especially when it comes to...
Retirement Living
8 May

Retirement village maintenance rules cause confusion for residents

Some elements of living in a retirement village can be confusing, especially when it comes to issues such as maintenance...
Retirement Living
6 May

Why needy adult kids could ruin your retirement

Those champagne wishes and caviar dreams may have to wait if your adult children refuse to let go of those...
Retirement Living
3 May

Rental affordability snapshot paints bleak picture for pensioners

If you’re a pensioner who rents a home, then you know just how tough it can be to find somewhere...
Retirement Living
2 May

How a retirement village operator is changing contracts to address a major concern

For a lot of older Australians looking at moving to a retirement village, contracts can be one of the most...
Retirement Living
29 Apr

Seniors' groups talk housing affordability ahead of the budget

You might remember the Treasurer Scott Morrison talking about the issue of housing affordability in a speech two weeks ago?...
Retirement Living
23 Apr

Social impact investment can help retirees get the housing and care they need

A recent report raised concerns about the erosion of retirement income by ongoing rental or mortgage payments. The report by...
Retirement Living
22 Apr

Retirement villages making it easier for prospective residents with checklist

The process of looking for the right retirement village for you can be long and complex. Often you’ll end up...
Retirement Living
4 Apr

How to know when to move on from the family home

The idea of selling the family home can be one of the biggest and hardest decisions to make. After all,...
Retirement Living
30 Mar

Government plans to make it easier for you to downsize your home

If you’re a retired pensioner and you want to downsize your home, then chances are you would be a bit...
Retirement Living
18 Mar

Renting as a retiree comes at a high cost

If you're a retiree who rents, you might find yourself agreeing with the findings of this report....
Retirement Living
16 Mar