The latest in Aged Care

What to expect from the budget for your housing situation

There has been plenty of discussion in the lead up to the budget about housing, especially when it comes to...
Aged Care
8 May

It's time to end the taboo of sex and intimacy in care homes

Imagine living in an aged care home. Now imagine your needs for touch and intimacy being overlooked. More than 500,000...
Aged Care
4 May

'Agency that approves care homes misses appalling neglect'

The federal agency that approves aged care homes had repeatedly missed horrendous cases of neglect, including some in which residents died,...
Aged Care
29 Apr

Complaints commissioner challenges aged care providers

No doubt you would have read and heard a lot of negative things about aged care facilities over the years....
Aged Care
27 Apr

Aged care funding in the spotlight

  No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the issue of aged care funding in recent years. Last year’s budget...
Aged Care
25 Apr

Aged care developments in Australia are no longer a one-size fits- all model

With Australia’s population ageing, a one-size-fits-all approach to aged care is no longer possible. While most Australians want to ‘age in...
Aged Care
18 Apr

Technology is set to change the future of aged care

Everywhere you turn in life and society these days there is some form of technology changing the way things are...
Aged Care
4 Apr

The questions you should ask about aged care

Ever thought about the questions you should ask before a loved one enters aged care?...
Aged Care
14 Mar