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The pension change that could impact new aged care residents

As you would have heard, January 1 marked the start of a host of changes to the age pension. Most...
21 Feb

Baby Boomers digging into retirement savings to help their kids buy houses

We’ve all heard stories about some Baby Boomer parents helping their kids out to buy their first home. But as...
19 Feb

Considering home care as an alternative to aged care

More of us are looking for alternatives that will allow us to live in our homes well into our later...
18 Feb

Property investors appear safe from tax hikes ... for now

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has poured cold water on a report in the Australian Financial Review that the government planned...
17 Feb

How technology could help you live in your home for longer

For many of us as we get older, our wish is to remain living independently in our own home for...
16 Feb

How aged care facilities are fighting back against depression

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about mental health in aged care facilities. As you might...
14 Feb

This tax exemption should be applied to downsizing retirees

When my daughter asked me recently whether she should invest in a positively geared rental property using the equity in...
12 Feb

Heartwarming study aims to change your mind about aged care

Aged care is something many of us fear. After all, it’s natural to fear ageing, death and losing some of...
11 Feb

Property investors 'shouldn't sweat big bank's crackdown'

Property investors shouldn’t freak out just because the nation’s biggest bank has turned off the tap on buy-to-let mortgages. Although...
10 Feb

Retirement villages offering residents the chance to 'try before you buy'

Making the move to a retirement village can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re handing over your life savings...
9 Feb

How you can get support and stay in your home if you have dementia

Many of us assume that a dementia diagnosis means you have to leave your home and move into a care...
7 Feb

The retirement living model combining home, hotel and hospital

When many of us think of retirement living or aged care, we think of “old people”, walking frames and wheelchairs....
4 Feb

Close call brings a warning about this popular home decor piece

Suncatchers are a lovely addition to any garden. However one Aussie gardener has warned others of the dangers of having...
1 Feb

For those serious about investing their nest egg…

If you’re looking to actively invest your hard-earned savings with the potential for higher returns, it can be challenging to...
31 Jan

What to do if the government wants to acquire your property

No doubt you’ve probably been reading about the Federal Government’s plans to acquire the properties of dozens of homeowners near...
31 Jan

In sickness and in health; how an aged care facility can help your marriage

When is it time to put a loved one into an aged care facility? It can be a very tough...
30 Jan
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