The latest in Insurance

There's one thing that will slash your waiting time for surgery

You may want to think twice before cancelling your private health insurance fund. A new report has revealed that more people...
17 May

How to avoid the big banks' levy hike

Well, Starts at 60 readers, you called it when you said the ‘major bank levy’ would be passed down to...
12 May

Treasury targets big banks with $6B levy

Australia’s Big Four may be fuming over the $6 billion tax they were slapped with in last night’s budget but...
10 May

New body parts will soon be cheaper for Aussies

Targeted reviews of prostheses will soon begin as the Turnbull Government continues to work with the private health insurance industry...
5 May

Government puts more than $1B up for grabs

The government has a $1.1 billion pile of cash that it wants to offload. The money pile is made up...
26 Apr

Technicality in Baden-Clay ruling puts life insurance in question

Despite a court ruling last month that the father of murdered woman Allison Baden-Clay had control of her estate, there...
22 Mar

Homeowners warned of new scam following recent weather events

Residents in parts of Sydney affected by last month’s fierce hailstorms are being warned to be on alert for scam...
11 Mar

Insiders' tips for finding, and keeping, a great financial adviser

As a home finance manager with Westpac, David St Pierre convinced cash-strapped older Australians to borrow against their homes to...
19 Feb

Plea to stop convicted murderer Gerard Baden-Clay from getting wife's money

The father of murdered Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay wants to make sure her husband doesn’t get a cent from her...
16 Feb

This may sting a little! Your health premiums are going up . . . again

Half the population is about to see another hike in their private health insurance premiums, but the government is calling...
10 Feb

Is the investment in private health insurance worthwhile?

A frequent topic of conversation at any social or workplace gathering is the cost and unfairness of private health insurance....
27 Nov

How you can protect your home during the natural disaster season

No doubt you know most of the tricks to protecting your home from being damaged during the natural disaster season....
12 Nov

How you can spring clean your finances and save money

With spring time comes spring cleaning. If you think spring cleaning just relates to sorting through your garage or cleaning...
10 Oct

How you can protect yourself from unexpected health costs

If you’ve been blessed with good health, you shouldn’t take it for granted. At any point in your life, that...
3 Oct

Money at 60: The investment option that is a "con on pensioners"

Welcome to Money at 60, a new show where the finance experts of Australia give real tips and show you the...
8 Jun

Now there is proof your private health insurance is a rip off

There is no denying you are paying more now than ever before for private health insurance, but an anonymous source...
9 May