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New study discovers hidden household things that makes you fat

If you ever thought doing a lot of housework and keep your house super-clean might help with weight loss, you’d...
14 Jul

Study finds mindful eating could be key to weight control

Being mindful of what you’re eating could be the key to preventing overeating and obesity, according to a new study...
3 Jul

Eddie McGuire reveals radical weight-loss regime

Eddie McGuire might be in his own hot seat after revealing his weight-loss diet tips. Admitting it was ‘extreme’ the...
26 Jun

Study finds low-fat dairy increases risk of Parkinson's Disease

We often think of low-fat dairy as a healthy option, but a new study has found a link between the...
12 Jun

Hugh Jackman reveals trying latest weight loss trend

There is no doubting Hugh Jackman is getting better looking with age. But his latest social media posts show the...
10 Jun

Eat meals earlier if you want to lose weight: Researchers

Watching your weight could be as a simple as watching the clock. That’s the latest advice from researchers at the...
8 Jun

The night-time habit that's making you fat

Millions of Australians are making a bed-time mistake that could be contributing to expanding waistlines around the country. It’s no...
5 Jun

Older Aussie women replace teens as nation's top boozers

More older Australians are bucking health warnings and enjoying a drink at the end of the day, with female over-50s...
2 Jun