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Get rid of skin tags naturally with these tips

It’s an embarrassing problem that no one likes to talk about. With these steps that you can do at home...
Skin Health
28 Sep

Identifying melanoma has been made easier with this simple guide

Most over-60s grew up in the sun wearing little or no sunscreen.  Some of us even baked in the sun,...
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25 Sep

Jessica Rowe's warts and all reveal about beauty and botox

Jessica Rowe is a familiar face on morning television, as a co-host of Studio 10. The journalist, author, wife and...
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23 Sep

What you can do about that annoying hairy mole

Moles are hassle enough as it is – they often don’t look great, they can be irritated by your clothes...
Skin Health
5 Sep

Five ways to naturally treat cracked heels

Having cracked heels can be painful, irritating and for some people, even embarrassing. The skin on your heels is thicker...
Skin Health
31 Aug

Check out this completely natural blackhead removal technique

Blackheads unfortunately aren’t just the domain of hormonal and greasy teenagers.  In fact, they seem to get worse the older you...
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22 Aug

Turn back time with old-fashioned hand care treatments

Your hands are one of the body parts that can betray your age first.  There are lots of things that...
Skin Health
13 Aug

Common problems for older skin and how to fix them

You might have noticed that your skin has undergone a few changes as you’ve reached your 60s and beyond. It’s...
Skin Health
11 Jul