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Nationwide gastro outbreak leaves thousands hospitalised

Thousands of people have been hospitalised following a gastroenteritis outbreak on the east coast of the country, with the most...
Gut Health
10 Aug

New 'healthy' beer is an Aussies' dream come true

If you’ve lived through an Australian summer you’ll know that there’s almost nothing better than throwing back a cold beer...
Gut Health
29 Jun

How to prevent Australia's second biggest cancer killer

Bowel cancer is our country’s second most common cancer, and for older Aussies it’s of particular concern because our risk...
Gut Health
22 May

Recipients of fecal transplants could take on donor traits

The findings are an exciting potential development into treating depressive and weight disorders. ...
Gut Health
10 May

Avoiding gluten could be doing you more harm than good

One of the world’s most prestigious medical journals has published the results of a 41-year study into gluten intake, and the...
Gut Health
4 May

The best anti-inflammatory foods

Our bodies are built to fight inflammation naturally, targeting anything our system recognises as foreign, such as microbe, plant pollen,...
Gut Health
17 Mar

Researchers hook into new human trials for people with a currently incurable medical condition

Coeliac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. There is...
Gut Health
8 Feb

These drinks before bedtime can help with digestion

  That full bloated feeling at the end of the day might not be just the end result of a...
Gut Health
24 Jan