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Prince William comes out in touching display of support for his brother

William has backed him up, saying that “there may be a time and a place for the ‘stiff upper lip’ but not at the expense of your health.”...
Mental Health
18 Apr

Downton Abbey star reveals ongoing battle with illness

One of Downton Abbey’s most beloved stars has spoken out publicly about her ongoing health battle. Jessica Brown Findlay, who...
Mental Health
28 Mar

Study shows real happiness comes from what you watch

A new study shows watching nature documentaries can make you happier. BBC Earth commissioned a multi-country online quantitative study, with...
Mental Health
11 Mar

Older Australians are leading this worrying health trend

It’s the health trend Australia doesn’t want to see: older Aussies overdosing on painkillers. However, according to research released by...
Mental Health
5 Mar

Grant Hackett posts photo of black eye, accuses brother

A day after being arrested on the Gold Coast Grant Hackett claims his brother beat the s*** out of him....
Mental Health
16 Feb

Why we need to talk more about mental illness

Mental illness is one of those not talked about topics. But it should be. Why? Because at some point in...
Mental Health
9 Feb

It's not your job to 'fix' someone's depression so don't say that

Seeing a friend or loved one having a hard time either due to a bad circumstance or depression can be...
Mental Health
5 Feb

This Medicare rule hurts 176,000 Aussies, and you can help change it

The top consumer body for older Australians is set to meet the Minister for Aged Care to push for better...
Mental Health
1 Feb