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Apple's new watch will tell you if you're having heart problems

Apple’s launched a new version of its Apple watch, with even more high-tech health features, including one that will tell...
Heart Disease
13 Sep

Groundbreaking study blows apart 'I'm fat but fit' claims

The possibility of being overweight but fit and healthy is often raised by people who say that they may be...
Heart Disease
12 Sep

Study finds more education cuts risk of heart disease by a third

A new study out today has found increasing education by 3.6 years – similar to the length of a university undergraduate degree...
Heart Disease
2 Sep

Thousands of Aussies may have pacemakers vulnerable to hackers: Report

UPDATE: On September 4, Abbott said it was working closely with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which has classified the issue as...
Heart Disease
1 Sep

Chocolate made with olive oil has big heart-health benefits

Dark chocolate made with extra virgin olive oil can improve your cardiovascular health, even if you have big risk factors such...
Heart Disease
30 Aug

High calcium levels linked to heart disease

High levels of calcium in the bloodstream increase your risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack, according to new...
Heart Disease
26 Jul

Breakthrough new injection could prevent heart attacks

An injection that prevents heart attacks and could be used in place of statins is being hailed as a major...
Heart Disease
14 Jul

Investigation launched into 'toxic' hip replacements

There are concerns thousands of people could be at risk of heart problems and dementia because of toxic material found...
Heart Disease
11 Jul

Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of heart disease, stroke

Women who breastfeed their babies have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, a new study from the University...
Heart Disease
23 Jun

Heart Foundation says reducing fat as effective as statins

The American Heart Association (AHA) has issued a new advisory on saturated fat and declared that in some cases cutting...
Heart Disease
17 Jun

Study finds diabetes pill can prevent heart, kidney disease

A cheap and common medication for diabetes sufferers can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, a...
Heart Disease
13 Jun

We're beating the US on one super-sugary product

The United States is often criticised for its obscenely unhealthy junk food fascination. However is is Australia that is winning...
Heart Disease
6 Jun

Good news on link between statin use and breast cancer

Statins, the drugs commonly taken to reduce cholesterol, could cut the risk of death in women with breast cancer by...
Heart Disease
4 Jun

Study finds cigarette filters do smokers more harm than good

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but a study has revealed the one safety measure supposed to...
Heart Disease
26 May

Groundbreaking statins study shakes up medical world

A new study has revealed statins could be largely ineffective in preventing death and heart attacks for certain over-65s. Statins...
Heart Disease
23 May

Chest infections linked to higher heart attack risk

A new study has found you are 17 times more likely to have a heart attack if you’ve recently had...
Heart Disease
16 May