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Food, family and new beginnings - sounds pretty delicious

Occasionally in my life as a reviewer for Starts at Sixty, a book comes along that makes me put all...
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5 Aug

IT: Revisiting Stephen King's spine-tingling horror story

With Stephen King’s IT coming to the big screen next month with a new adaptation, now is a great time to revisit...
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4 Aug

A blood-pumping new thriller from the author of 'Bones'

Kathy Reichs is the author of 18 New York Times bestselling novels and like the protagonist of her Temperance Brennan series,...
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3 Aug

Good old-fashioned detective work means classic Michael Connelly

The Late Show is Michael Connelly’s 30th novel and comes 25 years after his first. I can only surmise that...
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2 Aug

Charlotte Rampling, acclaimed actor and model, shares her bittersweet life story

I so wanted to find out what’s going on in this famous lady’s mind.  I requested Who I Am by...
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1 Aug

Remembering the Australians who sailed in WW2 under the American flag

These Australians were too young and too old to go to war, yet served under the Stars and Stripes. The...
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31 Jul

Cookbook Corner: Roasts you can make with a single pan

How I enjoy opening a cookbook that has recipes that I want to make. One Pan Roasts, by Molly Shuster,...
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30 Jul

A tale of dignity and desperation in Vichy France

It is important that the preface of No Place to Lay One’s Head be read first. This clarifies that it is Francoise...
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29 Jul