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Older Aussies who want to work being screwed over, report finds

Older Australians are being forced out of the workforce before they’re ready and many face discrimination when trying to secure...
17 Oct

Queenslanders suffer the worst from sky-high energy prices

Australia’s competition watchdog has hit out at a malfunctioning national electricity market that’s putting consumers and businesses under unacceptable pressure....
16 Oct

Greedy son gets his comeuppance for scamming elderly parents

Loaning money to a friend usually starts the same way: you think you know them well enough, they’re good people,...
15 Oct

Old comic book image sells for record price at auction

This is another great reminder why you shouldn’t throw anything out. An original illustration from a comic book has just...
14 Oct

The cheapest ways to buy your fruit and vegies revealed

We all like to save money, especially when it comes to things we buy on a regular basis. Do you...
12 Oct

It's actually cheaper to downsize to a retirement village: Report

The topic of retirement villages and their affordability is something that most of us have strong opinions on. If you’ve...
12 Oct

Reinstated Pensioner Concession Cards will hit mailboxes this month

More than 90,000 former part-pensioners will find their Pensioner Concession Cards in their mailboxes over the next few weeks. The...
10 Oct

Retirees are strapped for cash and stressed out: True or not?

Retirement … That land of dreams in which you throw away the alarm clock and spend all your time pleasing...
8 Oct

Ten great tips for making your kitchen storage seem much larger

Even a big kitchen can benefit from a clear-out and a bit of re-organisation, while downsizing to a smaller kitchen needs just a little clever planning....
7 Oct

Making death more affordable, and much more personal

“Just bury me under the back tree in a cardboard box”.  Ever heard this said by a loved one in...
Estate Planning
5 Oct

Pet-loving Baby Boomers have hit on a cute source of extra cash

Baby Boomers are kicking ass (not literally, of course, because they’re animal lovers) and taking names when it comes to...
4 Oct

Give your finances a spring clean

We’re deep in the midst of spring, a season known for welcome warmer temperatures, new life and new beginnings, so...
1 Oct

Hugh Hefner's wife stiffed in millionaire's will

Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal Harris won’t receive a dime of his wealth after deliberately she was left out of his...
Estate Planning
29 Sep

Australian couple devastated by ‘soul-destroying’ tax scam

For small businesses, tax time can be confusing and difficult to deal with. Sometimes it seems like the only way...
27 Sep

Know the difference between a salesperson and a scammer

There have been plenty of stories about scammers pretending to be from financial institutions, telephone or internet technical support services,...
27 Sep

The tell-tale signs your elderly family member is being abused

In the 1970s, 8 per cent of the population was over 65 years of age. This figure grew to 13...
26 Sep