About James Kelly

James is the head of the Seniors, Estates and Residential Conveyancing team at Owen Hodge Lawyers. James has been employed with Owen Hodge Lawyers since 1995 and became an associate of the firm in 1996. He was made partner in July 2000.

James studied law at the University of Technology, Sydney while employed as a parliamentary officer in the New South Wales Parliament. He has worked in regional practice since 1991 and has developed his legal practice mainly in the area of “Elder Law” including conveyancing, accommodation in facilities such as retirement villages and aged care. He also advises in estate planning from the legal perspective and other general issues affecting older people. He drafts testamentary trusts in wills and trusts, particularly where there are disabled beneficiaries.

James is particularly aware and sensitive to the needs of his clients. He is conscious of the need to communicate with his clients in such a way as to help them make prudent decisions after considering the options. He is actively involved with several seniors groups and advisory committees. He also regularly addresses senior groups on legal issues.