About Dominique Grubisa

DG Institute CEO and founder Dominique Grubisa has 25 years’ experience as a practising lawyer, debt management specialist and wealth management educator. She founded DG Institute in 2009, and is an experienced property investor, developer and entrepreneur. Dominique is also a seasoned speaker and media commentator and is a two-time winner of the ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand’ Stevie Award in 2018 and 2019, and was a ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ finalist in the MyBusiness 2019 Awards. DG Institute was founded after Dominique experienced financial strife and lost the majority of her property portfolio during the Global Financial Crisis. At the height of her financial success, before the GFC, Dominique and her husband Kevin were flipping properties and accumulated a multimillion-dollar property portfolio. Their business turned over a seven-figure sum, but had millions in loans. The full effect of the GFC was felt on the Grubisas in 2017 when banks pulled their finance – resulting in the collapse of their thriving property portfolio. Dominique and Kevin were required to quickly sell their properties to resolve their outstanding loan repayments. Over the subsequent 12 months, Dominique developed strategies to get herself out of debt completely, then drew from her own lessons and experiences to help others do the same.